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Good Make Non Magnetic White Board 2X3 Ft, with tripod metal stand

PCS  |   Item Code:  100301050136
• Non Magnetic • Size 3x2ft • Round edges • Astel Frame • Board Stand • Adjustable • Sturdy Stand • Long Lasting


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Product details
"White writing boards are always a much needed stationery item for schools and offices. They make the job of explaining and illustrating information to people a much easier task. Optimal For Office use: Workstore brings to you the Writing board. White in color, it's dimensions are optimum for professional use. Tough and resistant: Coming from Workstore, one of the largest suppliers of Magnetic Boards, it's longevity or durability cannot be questioned. It is made of the highest quality raw materials available in the market. Portable: The magnetic board is lightweight, ensuring that it is easily portable. You can buy this white writing board online to make sure that your brainstorming and teaching sessions are more productive. Workstore Board Stand is made of sturdy and durable metal material. It has 3 leg fixture for stablity of keeping boards and canvas of any sizes. The Boards can be kept Horizontal or vertical as per requirement.The stand has adjustable metal rod for adjusting different sizes of Boards.